BECAUSE WE CARE: Reopening Guidelines

Please click here to read the guidelines TFBC will be following to reopen in-person services on May 31.

Weekly Devotion
Hi Folks, We will be doing more with this devotional spot in weeks to come but let me share a quick word of encouragement. The book of James in the New Testament tells us to count it all joy when we are faced with various trials. Hard to do, right? Actually impossible is more like it, except for Jesus living in us. He can do through us what we can't do ourselves. Our job is to let him. Maybe you need to pray this prayer along with me right now- Lord, in my own strength i will fail, but today I'm choosing to allow you through the power of the Holy Spirit to live through me. Help me count it all joy when I face hardship. In Jesus Name, Amen!


06:45 PM - 08:00 PM


Wednesday Night Activities Resume!

Missions Friends, RAs, & GAs will begin at 6:45. Adult Bible Study will begin at 7PM.


07:00 PM - 08:00 PM


Plenary Meeting

This meeting will be held in the Worship Center


07:00 PM - 08:00 PM


Pickin' for the Master

Second Chance will be the Bluegrass band for this evening!

Pastor's Note
Hi Trading Ford Family,

I remember years ago when Sandy and I used to live in Statesville. It was during the 1980s and we were in our first pastorate. There was a store on our side of town that we shopped at frequently called “The Bargain Barn”. I got lots of great deals there, but there was one thing they offered for sale that I never bought. It was what they called a “Mystery Grab Bag”. It was a brown paper bag with unknown contents. It said that the contents on the inside were worth more than the price on the outside. I was just never attracted to the “unknown”- I have always preferred a “sure thing”. Nope, no pig in poke for me to use an old saying. There are many others like me out there - we like to know the score; we don’t enjoy uncertainty. This has made this season a challenge for sure. We have had more changes, cancellations, adjustments to our church calendar in the last 4 months than we have had in my 21 years as pastor of Trading Ford. But, with that said, I have long believed that God is a master of bringing good out of bad situations. What good could possibly be coming out of our current age of uncertainty? God is calling us to what he has intended from the start. We walk by faith, not by sight (II Corinthians 5:7). Yes, it’s good to plan, and schedule - but ultimately we are called to walk by faith. So, during this crazy season when your plans are so likely to potentially be changed, (like so much of our church calendar) stay on the lookout to see where God is calling us in order to stretch our faith - and remember that the great biblical narratives we love so much happened not during easy peaceful times, but during difficult challenging times. Are you willing for God to stretch your faith?

In closing let me mention something we are really excited about! This whole year of 2020 is a time to celebrate 150 years of ministry at Trading Ford. One of the ways we celebrate is to thank God for those he has called out of our fellowship. Sunday morning, July 12th, Thomas Green (one of our own serving the Lord in ministry) will be our guest speaker! Thomas came to faith through the ministry of TFBC and it will be such a blessing to welcome him (and his wife) as our guests that day. And if that’s not enough, on the same day we will also celebrate the opening of Hope House! Wow- 150 years Trading Ford, and God’s still blessing!

Love in Christ, Pastor Mike