Because We Care: Trading Ford's Guidelines For Safe Reopening

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We all recognize that we live in unprecedented days. We have done our part by following restrictions during this lock down period to help flatten the curve of the spread of the virus. As we reopen, we have a responsibility to God and to the community we are called to reach to do so as safely as humanly possible. Here is an overview of our plan:

  • Because We Care- We will take extra measures in sanitizing our facility. All high touch areas such as door knobs & handles, light switches, and bathroom facilities will be cleaned with a chlorine bleach solution prior to services.
  • Because We Care- Please come a little earlier to allow extra time for being seated.
  • Because We Care- We will practice social distancing maintaining the 6' recommended distance between individuals. To accomplish this we will have marked entrances and exits, a marked traffic flow pattern inside the Worship Center, and modified seating. Ushers will direct you to a seat, filling in from the front. Three empty chairs must be left between attenders (except for family households) to allow for 6 feet. Ushers will seat attenders in a staggered manner so that no one is seated directly behind or in front of anyone else. We understand that you have been accustomed to sitting wherever you choose, so thank you in advance for your cooperation in making our seating as safe and compliant as possible and adjusting to these changes.
  • Because We Care- High risk populations as defined by the CDC are encouraged to stay home and enjoy the services online.
  • Because We Care- Face masks are not required, but their use is encouraged, especially by those who might be more at risk. We realize that wearing or not wearing a mask is a personal choice. Please be respectful of those that may choose differently than you.
  • Because We Care- We ask you to use the restrooms in the connector between the Worship Center and the Fellowship Hall before and after the service (traffic flow pattern marked). If you must use the restroom during the service we ask that you use the one in the Worship Center Lobby. Remember to wash your hands after that restroom visit!
  • Because We Care- We will change the way we receive the offering. Instead of passing an offering plate we have an offering receptacle that you can use as you exit the building.
  • Because We Care- Any handouts distributed will be given by ushers with gloves.
  • Because We Care- We will have hand sanitizer available at the entrance/exit.
  • Because We Care- We will modify our "congregational interaction". This means for now no handshaking, fist bumps, elbow bumps or hugs except among immediate family members. We all miss this expression of love and look forward to the time we can once again connect in this way, but at this time we must ask that you refrain. Not to do so could put you or others at risk, and bring unwanted criticism from a watching world.
  • Because We Care- We will continue to offer our services online. For any who are symptomatic, or who have been tested and are awaiting results, or have been exposed to anyone having a positive Covid 19 test in the past 14 days, or having a fever of 100.4 or greater we ask that you NOT attend in person but instead enjoy our services online.
  • Because We Care- We will be temporarily suspending Children's Church and Nursery and will practice "family worship". If you determine that this does not fit your family's needs and they could be better met by watching online at home we will respect that decision. If you come, and children get fussy (as they will) , we will all do our best to not allow this to be a distraction. Hana Facemyer, our Children's Ministry Coordinator will have "busy bags" available to help occupy our children during the service time.
  • Because We Care- The fellowship hall will be open as a "fussy children" area, equipped with a large screen monitor streaming the live worship service.
  • Because We Care- Altar response will still be allowed and encouraged, but social distancing must be maintained during this part of the service as well. We encourage you to raise a hand toward the member at the altar that you are praying for rather than joining them at the altar. If you need a pastor to know your prayer concern, please email the staff at If requested, a follow up email, call, or visit will be made in a manner that is safe for all.
  • Because We Care- We will do all we can to keep the service time at 1 hour or less to limit time spent with a group in a confined area.
  • Because We Care- Last moment pop up announcements will not be allowed to avoid microphone "germ sharing". Announcements must be submitted by Thursday noon for slides and Friday noon for verbal announcements.
  • Because We Care- We ask you to exit the building after the end of the service and that fellowship and conversations take place outside with social distancing maintained. Exiting the building allows our janitorial staff, worship band & AV volunteers to safely put their gear away & clean their respective areas.
  • Because We Care- We will follow marked exits to leave the building EXCEPT IN THE CASE OF FIRE OR OTHER EMERGENCY- THEN ALL EXITS ARE USABLE.

In closing, we realize this is a lot of information, and a lot of instruction. Some may question if this is necessary, but we feel given the circumstances, it absolutely is. We have drafted these guidelines with 2 biblical principles in mind-
  1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Matthew 7:12
  2. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. Romans 12:17b

We will get through this crisis trusting in the faithfulness of our loving God all the while keeping our focus on sharing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to a lost world.

God Bless You,

The Leadership of Trading Ford Baptist Church