Who We Are

We Are...

  • A multigenerational church family. There is strength in our age diversity.
  • A diverse church family, coming from many backgrounds.
  • A mission-focused body. We do not just exist for ourselves, we exist for a purpose--to share the message of Jesus Christ.

We have...

  • A heart for the hurting, sharing love for the "least of these" as Jesus taught us.
  • A passion for our God--meaning we long to pour out our hearts to give God the worship He deserves.
  • A love for our brothers and sisters--we trul are a family in the Lord.

We Believe That...

  • Everybody ought to know the love of Jesus and understand how to be saved.
  • After someone comes to faith in Christ, we should help them grow to maturity.
  • Every Christian has a gift to use in the local church body.
  • The Bible is true and relevant in the present day.
  • The Holy Spirit is our power source to live the Christian life.
  • Prayer connects us to God and plugs us into his power.
  • Every follower of Christ needs to be involved in both large group worship and small group fellowship.
  • The best days of Trading Ford Baptist Church still lie ahead!

Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions.

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